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Finding information on someone who has been incarcerated in Charleston County can be a difficult and frustrating process. However, the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office provides an online inmate search database that makes searching for Charleston County jail inmates much easier.

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about using the Charleston County inmate search to find vital information on past and recent Charleston County jail inmates.

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What Information is Available in the Charleston County Inmate Search?

The Charleston County Sheriff provides detailed inmate records through its easy-to-use online search portal. For each Charleston County jail inmate, you can view their:

  • The inmate’s full legal name
  • Booking Number
  • Booking Date and Time
  • Current status of the inmate
  • Housing Location
  • Photo (optional)
  • Current Charges
  • Bond Amount
  • Court Date

Finding Charleston County Jail Inmates

The easiest way to find current Charleston County jail inmates is to use the Sheriff’s Office online inmate search. This search provides basic details on people recently booked or currently housed in the county jail, detention center, and other Charleston County correctional facilities.

To use the Charleston County inmate lookup, go to the Charleston County Inmate Search website OR Sheriff’s website.

Finding Charleston County Jail Inmates

Enter the Last name, First name, Booking date or Inmate number of the person you want to locate.

Finding Charleston County Jail Inmates

The search returns photos (mugshots), full name, race, sex, age, booking date, expected release date, bond amount, and list of charges for any matching inmates.

If you don’t have an inmate’s name, try searching by specific facilities like the Mount Pleasant Jail or North Charleston Inmate population. The Sheriff’s inmate search covers these area jails and indicates each inmate’s location.

Contact the inmate through Charleston County Search

The Charleston County inmate search website does not allow you to get in touch with an offender directly. Nevertheless, depending on the situation, there are more methods to communicate with a prisoner in Charleston County:

1. Video Visitation

The Charleston County Sheriff’s Office allows remote video visits with inmates being held at the Al Cannon Detention Center. To schedule a video visitation appointment, you can either:

Contact the inmate through Charleston County Search
  • Call 843-743-7697 to set up an appointment over the phone.
  • Visitation Schedule: Sunday through Saturday 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. & 6:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

2. Telephone Calls

Once booked into the Charleston County Detention Center, inmates are allowed one free local phone call to notify family, friends, or an attorney about their arrest.

After that, all inmate phone calls are collect calls that must be accepted and paid for by the receiver. If the person on the other end can’t accept the charges due to billing or blocking problems, they’ll hear a recording from Securus, the jail’s phone provider.

The recording will explain how to set up a prepaid account to receive calls from the detention center. To learn more about setting up an account, the receiver can contact Securus at 800-844-6591 or visit

3. Mail

Money Orders Only (No personal letters or books):

Charleston County Inmate Mail

Personal Mail:

Charleston County Inmate Mail

4. Legal Correspondence

Attorneys representing inmates at the Al Cannon Detention Center can communicate with their clients through a dedicated legal mail system, per the communication policies of the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office. These policies govern who inmates can contact and what type of content is permitted.

More specifics on rules around inmate communication and visits can be found on the Sheriff’s Office website at Attorneys should review this information to ensure they follow appropriate procedures for legal mail and client contact.

Charleston Federal Inmate Search Lookup

The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) has an online inmate locator tool that allows you to search for federal inmates by name, register number, age, race, location, etc. You can access it at

Charleston Federal Inmate Search

The Charleston Federal Correctional Institution is a medium-security federal prison located in Charleston, South Carolina. You can potentially find inmates housed at this facility through the BOP locator.

Federal inmates who are awaiting trial or sentencing are usually held at local jails or detention centers. For Charleston, this would likely be the Charleston County Detention Center. You’d have to contact the jail directly for their inmate roster.

The Federal Public Defender’s Office for the District of South Carolina may be able to assist with finding information on specific federal defendants they are representing. Their Charleston office can be reached at 843-729-8231.

Some commercial inmate lookup services claim to have federal inmate data as well, but be cautious as their records may not be up-to-date or comprehensive. The BOP’s inmate locator is the most authoritative source.

Charleston County current inmate population

Total Population920
Male Population862
Female Population58

North Charleston County Inmate Search

In North Charleston County, the following procedures might be followed to look for an inmate:

  • Visit to access the Inmate Search webpage maintained by the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Enter the booking number, date of birth, or name of the prisoner in the search bar.
  • Click the “Search” button.
  • An inmate list that meets your search parameters will appear in the results.

To see more details about the prisoner, including their booking photo, charges, and bond details, click on their name.

Charleston County Juvenile Detention Center Inmate Search

I am aware that you are trying to find out information about the juvenile detention center’s detainees in Charleston County. However, Charleston County does not allow the public to search for juvenile inmates due to privacy concerns and legal limits.

To talk with a staff member, give the Juvenile Detention Center a call at (843) 529-7403. If you know the name and date of birth of a certain juvenile, they might be able to provide you some limited information on them.

You can get information from the kid you’re looking for if they have an attorney. You can get updates from the lawyer regarding the case and the welfare of the minor. Online court records searches are a good way to learn more about the juvenile’s situation. But be aware that some records pertaining to juvenile court cases can be sealed.

To get assistance if you’re worried about the welfare of a young person in the detention facility, get in touch with a nearby advocacy group. They might be in a position to provide you assistance and resources.

Where are inmates held in Charleston County?

The Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center, situated at 2501 Aviation Avenue in North Charleston, South Carolina, is home to the great majority of the county’s prisoners.

With a maximum capacity of 1,693 prisoners, this facility holds those awaiting trial, serving terms for a variety of crimes, and those imprisoned due to probation or immigration infractions.

Who Can Access Charleston County Inmate Data

Inmate searches and criminal record lookups are available to anyone legally entitled to the information. The Charleston County Sheriff publishes current detainee/inmate details as public record. Third-party background check services acquire additional arrest histories, court cases, mugshots, and related data through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and by compiling records from multiple law enforcement sources.

So families, friends, employers, landlords, lawyers, journalists, researchers, private investigators and more can access Charleston County inmate information and criminal histories. Some common reasons for using inmate searches and arrest record databases include:

  • Locating a detained loved one
  • Checking criminal pasts of potential hires or tenants
  • Verifying Charleston County court dates for legal cases
  • Researching backgrounds for news reports and documentaries
  • Finding subjects for genealogy, missing persons investigations, etc.

As public record, Charleston County inmate searches generally don’t violate privacy laws. However third-party sites usually have disclaimers that they cannot guarantee all information is current or accurate. For 100% reliable updates, contact the Sheriff’s Office directly.

How to Search for Someone in Charleston County Jail

Searching for a friend or family member in Charleston County jail is easy with the online lookup from the Sheriff’s Office. Just visit the inmate search page and enter the detainee’s first and last name. If you have it, using their middle name or booking number can help get an exact match in cases of common names.

The search returns mugshots of inmates matching your query along with details like:

  • Full legal name
  • Race
  • Sex
  • Age
  • List of criminal charges
  • Booking date
  • Release date (if available)
  • Housing facility location
  • Bail amount

Find someone in Charleston County jail by looking through the list of inmate photos and matched names. If your search person isn’t listed, try using partial spellings or name variations as the site uses phonetic name-matching algorithms.

If your wanted inmate still doesn’t show up, they may have already bonded out or transferred to another detention facility. In that case, try searching state-level inmate lookups for all South Carolina jails. For help finding records before or after someone’s Charleston County booking, contact a criminal record lookup service.

Checking Charleston County Bond Amount

A key reason friends and family search for info on jailed loved ones is to check their Charleston County bond amount and potential release eligibility. The Sheriff’s inmate lookup shows bond amounts set by the court for each detainee’s combined charges.

Bond amounts vary widely based on the severity of charges against an inmate as set by a magistrate or judge. Minor traffic violations may have just a few hundred dollar bonds, while serious felonies often have five-figure or even million dollar bail amounts based on perceived flight risk and/or danger to the public if released pre-trial.

When searching for Charleston County jail inmates, their list of charges gives an idea of bond amount ranges to expect. But for exact bail set, check the inmate details in the online lookup search results. If bond has been paid and they are eligible for release, the search should also show an upcoming expected release date.

charleston county inmate search mugshots

The Charleston County Sheriff’s inmate search only provides limited booking details on current jail inmates. For additional information like criminal histories, court dates, arrest records, warrants, and more, use third-party lookup sites.

Several free resources can supplement a Charleston County inmate search with mugshots and charges. For example, sites like Vinelink and SC VINE offer inmate population searches with recent booking photos Charleston County. These sites get updated mugshot records directly from the Charleston County jail system.

For more comprehensive details beyond basic inmate lookups, use sites like and These paid services have criminal records Charleston County with:

  • Details on older arrests not shown in the Sheriff’s current inmate search
  • Additional mugshots from past bookings
  • Conviction records, warrants, and court/trial schedules
  • Expanded personal information like aliases and birth info
  • Sex offender registry Charleston County listings
  • Some sites let you search by partial names or filter by characteristics like race, age bracket, crime type, etc.

So while the county jail site only shows inmates in custody now, third-party services offer Charleston arrest records across decades in some cases. This lets you uncover old warrants, see all bookings for repeat offenders, lookup up upcoming courthouse appearances, and compile a complete history of run-ins with Charleston County law enforcement.

What About Historical Arrest and Inmate Data?

The Charleston County Sheriff’s Office inmate search shows people in custody now along with some basic booking details. But what if you need more records on past arrests and detentions from months or years ago?

Paid criminal background checks from companies like Truthfinder, Intelius, and BeenVerified can provide more extensive **Charleston County criminal records beyond just current inmates. Some of the historical data you can expect includes:

  • Prior mugshot photos from previous jail stays in Charleston County
  • Older charges, warrants, and conviction case details
  • Past and present offender registry status on databases like the Charleston County sex crime list.
  • Expanded personal characteristics like tattoos, scars, aliases
  • Comprehensive list of all Charleston County bookings with multiple facilities
  • Associated criminal records from nearby counties and statewide
  • Charleston County courthouse schedules for upcoming trials
  • And more.

So while the public inmate search gives a snapshot of who is in Charleston County corrections custody today, third-party services provide bigger picture context on an individual’s full local criminal history across decades in some instances.

Finding More Than Jail Records in Charleston County

Inmate lookups and arrest histories represent significant pieces of Charleston County criminal data. But some situations call for different public records when researching a subject’s background locally:

  • For minor children, lookup Charleston County family court records
  • Use paid or government sites for complete Charleston County criminal histories beyond single bookings
  • Check jurisdictional sites like county probate court for Charleston wills and estates public records
  • Lookup traffic accident reports and citations via South Carolina judicial records
  • Search Charleston County property/parcels info for residential history clues
  • Obtain academic records for schools attended in the Charleston area
  • Cross reference relatives, neighbors and associates outside immediate household
  • And consult additional Charleston County public record databases as needed…

Compiling multiple record types beyond basic inmate searches creates a clearer picture of any Charleston County resident’s civil and criminal background. This wider context better informs decisions when screening potential employees, evaluating tenant applications, completing child custody investigations, and more.

Just remember when searching criminal histories in Charleston County and statewide to look for definitive positive identification matches based on cross-checked personal characteristics, residential timelines, associates/relatives, etc. Common names can yield false record mixes without correlating key details.

The information on the inmate search is wrong, what can I do?

I understand that it is frustrating when information about Charleston County inmate search is incorrect. But don’t worry you can find it using the information given below.

1. Verify your search details

Verify that the prisoner’s name and any other search parameters you used are spelled correctly. Make sure you’re looking at the right Charleston County by using this website There may be more Charleston counties.

2. Contact the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office

For information, contact the Detention Center Records Office at (843) 743-7210 between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.

Give as much factual information as you can on the prisoner, including their name, booking number (if available), and the specifics you believe are wrong, along with an explanation of the disparity you discovered. Inquire if they can confirm the details or look into the difference more.

Charleston County Recent Arrests

One way to search for a recent arrest in Charleston County, South Carolina is to use the online Charleston County Public Index. This searchable database provided by the Charleston County Clerk of Court allows you to look up criminal, civil, probate, and magistrate court records and documents.

To search for a recent arrest, go to the public index website and click on the “Criminal Records” section. Here you can search by defendant name, case number, arrest date, arresting agency, and more. Make sure to select the appropriate date range to view recent arrests, for example searches limited to arrests made in the past week or month.

The public index will provide basic details on the arrest such as defendant name, date of birth, the charges, date of arrest, arresting agency, case number and the courthouse location. This allows you to easily lookup and identify recent Charleston County arrests. One can then follow up on specific cases for more detailed information directly through the court system.

How Many Prisons are in South Carolina?

According to data from the South Carolina Department of Corrections, there are 21 state prisons currently operating in South Carolina. This includes Level 1 (minimum security), Level 2 (medium security) and Level 3 (maximum security) facilities located throughout the state.

Some of the major state prisons in South Carolina include Kirkland Correctional Institution, Perry Correctional Institution, Lieber Correctional Institution, and Lee Correctional Institution among others. Additionally, there are several small specialized facilities such as prison camps and work release centers.

So in total, South Carolina has about 21 main state prison facilities under the jurisdiction of the state’s Department of Corrections.

Charleston County Inmate Search Mugshots

The website of the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office Inmate Search allows you to look up inmates in Charleston County, South Carolina. You can conduct a search on the website using a name, birthdate, booking number, or case number. The results can also be filtered according on gender, race, and charge.

A list of results including the inmate’s name, booking number, birthdate, and charges will appear when you search for them. To get further details, including a mugshot of the prisoner, click on their name.

It should be noted that not every prisoner has their mugshots posted online. If an inmate was detained on a federal detainer or was arrested on a lesser crime, the Sheriff’s Office may not have taken their mugshot.

Charleston County Sheriff’s Office

The Charleston County Sheriff’s Office is the primary law enforcement agency for Charleston County, South Carolina. With over 600 sworn deputies, the CCSO is responsible for a range of duties including patrol, investigations, court security, and operating the county jail.

Some key initiatives and focuses of the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office are building community trust through engagement and transparency, emphasizing de-escalation and crisis intervention training for deputies, and deploying new technologies to aid deputies and improve public safety.

The Sheriff’s Office has implemented several innovative programs such as a mental health crisis response team to better assist those with mental illnesses. Through these efforts and more, the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office strives to provide excellent public safety services and build strong partnerships with the communities it serves.

For more information about the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office go here.

Charleston County Public Index

The Charleston County Clerk of Court is in charge of maintaining the searchable Charleston County Public Index database of public documents. It contains details on criminal and civil proceedings, property deals, and other public records.

You can search the Public Index by date, document category, case number, or name. For anyone who has to look for public records in Charleston County, it is a great resource.

Both online and in person at the Charleston County Clerk of Court’s office are the Public Index resources.

Go to the Charleston County Clerk of Court’s website and select the “Public Index” option to do an online search of the Public Index.

Here are some of the things you can find in the Charleston County Public Index:

  • Civil and criminal court cases
  • Real estate transactions
  • Death certificates
  • Voter registration records
  • Business licenses
  • Marriage licenses
  • Birth certificates

Charleston County Inmate Search Contact information

DivisionPhone NumberInformation
Records Division(843)554-2450For a copy of the report, metal permit application, expungement or criminal background check.
Detention Center(843) 529-7358To locate an inmate click here

For attorney visitations (in person or live video): (843) 529-7358

Patrol Division(843)529-6216To contact a patrolling deputy
Detectives(843)554-2473 or (843)554-2475To inquire about investigations and for questions about the sex offender registry
Traffic Services(843)529-5331Escorts for traffic enforcement, death investigations, funerals and special events.
Warrants Division(843)529-7391To check for a warrant and for information about a wanted person
Civil Process(843)958-2111 or 2133For more information click here
Judgment Executions(843)958-2110For more information click here


The Charleston County Sheriff’s Office provides a free public inmate lookup to search current jail detainees by name and booking specifics. For additional information on arrests, warrants, mugshots, criminal charges, offender registry status, court dates and more, paid searches on sites like Truthfinder offer robust background screening.

Compiling data from multiple public records can paint a clearer picture of an individual’s civil and criminal history tied to Charleston County.

But when searching histories, always confirm positive ID using timestamped personal details. This avoids inaccurate mixes from common names. With the right approach, Charleston County inmate searches deliver valuabe intel and peace of mind.


I need to talk to someone about an inmate, who can I call?

General Information & Detention Center Inquiries:

  • Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center Records Office: (843) 743-7210 (Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM)
  • Charleston County Sheriff’s Office Main Line: (843) 554-2450 (24/7)

How do I search for an inmate in Charleston County jail?

You can search for inmates in the Charleston County jail using the inmate lookup tool on the sheriff’s office website. You can search by inmate name, booking number, or other details.

Is there a phone number to call Charleston County jail?

Yes, you can call the Charleston County jail at (843) 743-7210. This number will connect you to the central control room for the detention center.

What is the address of the Charleston County jail?

The address of the Charleston County Detention Center is 3841 Leeds Avenue, North Charleston, SC 29405.

How do I visit an inmate at Charleston County jail?

To visit an inmate, go to the Charleston County Detention Center during designated visitation hours with a valid photo ID. Visits must be scheduled in advance by calling 843-202-1700.

How do I put money on an inmate’s account in Charleston County?

You can deposit money into an inmate’s account by visiting or calling 1-866-345-1884. You will need the inmate’s name and booking number.

How do I send mail to an inmate in Charleston County jail?

To send mail to a Charleston County jail inmate, address it using the inmate’s name and ID number along with: Charleston County Detention Center, 3841 Leeds Avenue, Charleston, SC 29405.

How long can an inmate be held in Charleston County jail?

Inmates can generally be held in the Charleston County Detention Center for up to 90 days prior to indictment. Sentenced offenders may remain in the county jail for up to their full sentence term.

Does Charleston County jail have video visitation?

Yes, Charleston County offers both on-site visitation and video visitation for inmates. Video visits must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.

How much is the bond at Charleston County jail?

Bond amounts vary by offense and are set at the discretion of a circuit court judge. To check the bond amount for a specific inmate, search for them using the inmate lookup.