Charleston County Recent Arrests 2024

Charleston County saw a number of arrests over the past week, ranging from drug charges to assault.

The Charleston County Sheriff’s Office keeps a public record of all bookings into the county jail, providing insight into the latest alleged criminal activity in the area.

This report will highlight some of the most notable arrests that have occurred in Charleston County in recent days.

While overall crime rates in Charleston have fallen over the past decade, there are still frequent arrests for offenses like drug possession, theft, and traffic violations.

Monitoring the types of crimes being committed can help law enforcement and community groups identify problems and work to implement solutions.

For residents, staying informed about arrests in their area allows them to be vigilant about safety and security.

Charleston County Recent Arrests

Larceny/theft has been the top arrest charge in Charleston County recently, with 1,061 bookings. This indicates theft crimes are prevalent in the area.

The second most common charge is burglary, with 487 arrests made. Coming in third is aggravated assault, with 458 bookings.

Tracking this arrest data provides insight into crime trends in Charleston. The high number of thefts suggests a need for greater crime prevention efforts and policing focused on that offense.

While overall crime is down, larceny, burglary and assault remain issues to be addressed through enforcement and community engagement.

Aggravated Assault458

Violent Crime Arrests vs. Non-Violent Crime Arrests

In Charleston County, violent crimes include rape, sexual assault, robbery, and assault. While the overall crime rate in the county has fallen, violent crime has increased recently.

Specifically, Charleston’s violent crime rate is 55.55% higher than the national average of 93.99 per 100,000 people.

This suggests violent offenses are a growing problem in the area. The increase may be driven by rises in aggravated assaults and robberies, based on local arrest trends.

However, non-violent crimes like theft and burglary have not seen upticks. Authorities will need to prioritize addressing violent crime through targeted policing and community engagement efforts.

Reducing violent offenses is crucial for public safety and maintaining Charleston’s reputation as a safe city.

By tracking crime data over time, law enforcement can pinpoint where to focus resources to reverse the upward violent crime trends.

Charleston County Arrest and Criminal Records by Age

In Charleston County, the 21-30 age group accounts for the most arrests, while the fewest arrests occur among those aged 81-90.

This indicates people in their 20s are disproportionately involved in criminal offenses leading to bookings in the area. In contrast, the elderly population has very low arrest rates.

Tracking arrests by age provides insights into what groups may benefit from greater community engagement and targeted crime prevention outreach.

Understanding these demographic arrest trends can help authorities develop appropriately focused strategies to deter offenses among the highest-risk populations in Charleston County.

Charleston County Arrests Statistics

Charleston County has had 7,542 total arrests. Specifically in 2014, the arrest rate was 594.30 per 100,000 residents – 23.23% lower than the national average of 774.16.

Of the 2014 arrests in Charleston, 556 were for violent crimes.

This data indicates Charleston has relatively low crime and arrest rates compared to national benchmarks. It also suggests the area is safer than neighboring counties like Anderson and Beaufort in terms of bookings.

The violent crime arrest figure for 2014, while still low overall, maybe a concern for authorities seeking to further reduce offenses. Going forward, tracking arrest rates and types of charges can help Charleston gauge its public safety progress.

Maintaining declines in arrests for both violent and non-violent crimes should be a priority. Charleston has an opportunity to build on its successes through community policing efforts aimed at the offenses still occurring most frequently.

Continued work is needed to ensure Charleston remains among the safest counties in the state and country.


How can I see who was recently arrested in Charleston County?

The Charleston County Sheriff’s Office website has a publicly available inmate search where you can look up recent bookings.

What are the most common crimes people get arrested for in Charleston?

According to data, the top charges are larceny/theft, burglary, and aggravated assault.

What should I do if I believe someone has been wrongly arrested in Charleston?

Contact a criminal defense attorney to discuss the case details and legal options.

Where do arrested individuals get detained in Charleston County?

The Charleston County Detention Center and Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center house detained individuals.

How can I look up details about a specific arrest case in Charleston?

Court records may provide additional information beyond initial booking details from the Sheriff’s Office.

What should I do if there is an arrest warrant out for me in Charleston County?

Consulting with a criminal lawyer is recommended so you can turn yourself in properly.

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