Charleston County Detention Center 2024

The Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center in South Carolina was originally built in 1966 with a capacity for 661 inmates. It has undergone three main expansions over the years:

  • In 1994, a four-story building was added, increasing capacity to 961 inmates.
  • In 2007, two modular units were added, raising capacity further to 789 inmates.
  • In 2010, another expansion increased capacity to 1,917 inmates.
  • In 2020, the removal of the modular units and Work Camp lowered the total capacity to its current level of 1,693 inmates.

The facility now has four buildings, including the original building from 1966. It has over 700 security cameras, metal detectors, and bag scanners. A separate juvenile facility is located off-site.

The Detention Center has gone through major expansions over the decades to increase its inmate capacity and services, while recently removing some modular units to lower the current capacity to around 1,700 inmates.

Security measures such as cameras and scanners help maintain safety and order.

Charleston County Juvenile Detention Center

It is a division of the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office located at 4450 Brickyard Creek Road, Charleston, SC.

It is a 60-bed secure facility for male and female offenders up to age 17 awaiting court disposition.

The facility is staffed by 30 detention personnel and supervised by management including lieutenants, sergeants, captains, and a major.

In addition to security, the Center provides education classes through the Charleston County School District, counseling and religious services from chaplains, medical care from a full-time team, and leisure/exercise activities.

The Juvenile Detention Center aims to provide a safe and secure environment as well as rehabilitative services and programs to the youth detainees awaiting court outcomes.


Juvenile MajorDorothy Harris
Juvenile CaptainHans Brown
Juvenile CaptainThomasina Dyer-Parker
Administrative Assistance IIIMs. S. Sommerfeldt

Charleston County Juvenile Detention Center Inmate Search

The Charleston County Juvenile Detention Center houses juveniles under the age of 18 who have been detained or sentenced by the county’s Family Court system.

While juvenile records are kept confidential under South Carolina law, some basic information about juveniles in detention may be available to the public.

To find out if a particular juvenile is being held at the detention center, you can contact the facility directly to inquire about their inmate search procedures.

The detention center staff can advise you on what details can be released and how to submit a request to check if a specific juvenile is in their custody.

However, access to records is limited in order to protect the privacy of minors in the justice system. Any accessible information would likely only include basic details such as the juvenile’s name, age, gender, admission date, and pending court dates.

Those searching for more comprehensive records related to a juvenile’s case would need to go through the Charleston County Family Court system.

For a Charleston County Juvenile Detention Center inmate search and more information, go here.

Charleston County Detention Center Inmate Death

Six people died while in custody at the Charleston County jail in 2022. One of them was 28-year-old D’Angelo Brown, who had schizophrenia.

Brown was found unconscious in an isolation cell in December. The cell was described as filthy. Brown did not receive treatment for his mental illness while incarcerated.

His death and the overall high number of fatalities in the jail last year are very concerning. It suggests there may be serious problems with medical care, supervision, and the conditions at this facility.

The deaths should be fully investigated to determine if negligence or misconduct occurred.

If so, accountability and reform measures are needed to prevent future tragedies.

Even if policies and procedures were followed, these incidents highlight that improvements may still be required to better serve the health and safety of inmates.

All human lives are valuable and the loss of these six individuals while in custody deserves thoughtful examination.

Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center Visitor Info

The Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center in Charleston, SC aims to maintain a safe and secure facility while allowing inmates to receive visits from approved family and friends.

Visiting a loved one in jail can be an emotional and difficult experience. This guide provides key information for those planning an in-person visit to the detention center.

The Jail uses video visitation to limit resident movement and lessen the possibility of contraband being introduced during the visitation procedure.

Inmates must be in jail for at least 72 hours before they can have a video visit. If you want to visit an inmate in Charleston County, go here.

Charleston County Detention Center Phone Number

DivisionPhone NumberInformation
Records Division(843)554-2450For a copy of the report, metal permit application, expungement or criminal background check.
Detention Center(843) 529-7358To locate an inmate click hereFor attorney visitations (in person or live video): (843) 529-7358
Patrol Division(843)529-6216To contact a patrolling deputy
Detectives(843)554-2473 or (843)554-2475To inquire about investigations and for questions about the sex offender registry
Traffic Services(843)529-5331Escorts for traffic enforcement, death investigations, funerals and special events.
Warrants Division(843)529-7391To check for a warrant and for information about a wanted person
Civil Process(843)958-2111 or 2133For more information click here
Judgment Executions(843)958-2110For more information click here


Can you visit an inmate at Charleston County Jail?

Yes, you can visit inmates at the Charleston County Detention Center. Visits must be scheduled online and are currently video visits only, except for attorneys.

How do I put money on an inmate’s books in Charleston County?

Money can be deposited into an inmate’s account online, through kiosks at the jail lobby, or by mailing a money order.

Does Charleston County jail allow video visits?

Yes, Charleston County Detention Center uses online video visits through Securus Technologies. In-person visits are not currently allowed, except for attorneys.

How much does it cost to bond someone out of Charleston County jail?

Bond amounts vary based on the charges. You must contact the jail or use the inmate search to lookup an individual inmate’s bond amount.

What is the address of Charleston County Jail?

The address is Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center, 3841 Leeds Ave, North Charleston, SC 29405.

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